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Our Products

Our range of products:

We currently manufacture the following products with the indicated capabilities. For further details about these products, kindly click here.

Our key products:

  • Galvanized wires
    • Tensile strengths:
      • High
      • Medium
      • Low
    • Galvanized coating:
      • Heavy
      • Wipe-off
      • Commercial
  • Annealed wires
  • MS Bright wires


Steel wires manufactured with:

  • Diameters range: 1.8 mm up to 6mm
  • Varied tensile strengths and other mechanical properties
  • Capabilities to meet various segments requirements:
    • Cable armoring
    • Fencing
    • Gabions
    • Wire Mesh
    • ACSR
    • Fasteners
    • Farming application such as Vine Yard Wire
    • Steel wools
    • Steel meshes
    • Construction applications
    • Other high tensile wire industries

(click here for specifications.)