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Welcome to
Al Khaleej Steel Industries
Welcome to
Al Khaleej Steel Industries

Who we are:

Al Khaleej Steel Industries (AKSI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Taurani Holdings Ltd. Dubai, that specialises in manufacture and supply of Galvanized Wire and other wire products. Our expertise include production, processing and supplying of Hot Dip Galvanized and Non- Galvanized Wire to a vast customer base across many sectors. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and ISO 14001:2015 certified environment management system, we adhere to the most stringent quality control at all levels of our operation.

What we do:

We manufacture steel wires of varied diameters ranging from 1.8 mm up to 6mm varied tensile strengths and other mechanical properties. Our product range can meet various segments requirements like Cable armoring, Fencing, Gabions, Wire Mesh, ACSR, Fasteners, Farming application such as Vine Yard Wire, & other high tensile wire, Steel wool & mesh & Construction applications etc. (click here to learn about our products.)

Why us:

(a) Our thoroughness in our pursuit of quality:

Our products have varied fields of application where high corrosion resistance is of prime importance. Specifications of finished products can be as per ASTM / EN / DIN / JIS standards. (click here to learn about our quality process.)

(b) EcoTechnology

AKSI is one of the few companies in the world who manufacture galvanized wire from Low/ Medium Carbon Wire Rod with use of natural gas. Our coating process involves an advanced technology developed with support of our engineering department which designs, assembles, installs and maintains the critical equipment for our various production lines with spare part support and asset management.

Where we are:

We are situated over sprawling 25,000 sq m area within ICAD-3 (Industrial City of Abu Dhabi) in the United Arab Emirates (Middle East). (click here to contact us)