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Our Quality Process

A brief about the process

Alkhaleej steels industries L.L.C has full-fledged Quality Control Department. All procedures are documented and reviewed at regular intervals to carry out revisions if any. Calibrated equipment’s and machineries are used exclusively and documented with each part release. We have our own Quality lab with all facilities for carrying most of the testing required.

An overview of the production quality control process:

Step No. Activity Responsible authority
Step 1 Material Requisition Production Engineer or Purchaser
Step 2 Inwards goods inspection QC Department
Step 3 Material Storage and Issue Store in-charge
Step 4 Wire Drawing Production Manager
Step 5 Galvanizing Production Department
Step 6 Testing Quality Control Department
Step 7 Packing Quality Control Department
Step 8 After-Sales Customer Feedback Sales Department
Step 9 Management Review Management
Step 10 Actions for improvement Management
Step 11 Implementation of improvements Department heads
Step 1 (and so forth....)

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